Short Stories

Some years ago I used to write stories under the guise of The Mischievous Cat. I’ve been writing for a long time, reaching all the way back to primary school, clacking away on my Mum’s typewriter. In secondary school, I’d write plays and stories whenever I could. I somehow managed to get away with skipping English Language classes by writing long stories that my friends and classmates would read on the floor of the gym. I’m pretty sure my gym teacher hated me.

The stories linked are sometimes rough and unedited. My main inspirations would probably make most professional writers cringe – I admire Stephen King’s ability to weave the fantastical in simple language, I love the magical realism of Murakami. The desperation of Kafka’s The Castle, the long, lingering and evocative paragraphs of Carthy McCormac. The characterisation of David Gemmell. Damn, could he write a character.

Anyway, give a read. See what you think. And if you want to contact me to tell me to give up, offer praise or discuss ideas, feel free – I’m always on Twitter… hey, I work from home!

You can find the stories here – The Mischievous Cat

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