Unearthing Animatics

Just found a couple of older animatics on my hard drive from around 4 years ago, all done on ToonBoom Storyboard Pro which I’ve been pretty much evangelising for ever since I started on it back in 2008 on Gnomeo and Juliet. I think these were 22 minute 5 week boards, which is a LOT of work – and a lot of hand animation for a TV board, I remember them being up to and over 1200-1300 panels long. Typically board artists don’t always manage to obtain animatic copies, but here they are!



Moodicorn – A Kidult Unicorn Tale coming to Thought Bubble

Another reason I’ve been quiet – the last month and a half, I’ve also been toiling away on getting a FULL COLOUR 20 page book together for Thought Bubble festival in Leeds. Here’s some preview pages below – out of order, of course, so the story remains a surprise to readers!

The entire book was made in Sketchbook Pro, which I find’s great for inking and painting and only ever getting more flexible with each iteration.

finalcover page10-copy page8-copypage13


Ooman & Moof from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo.

FINALLY! One of the reasons I’ve been so quiet the last few years – outside of storyboarding for the wonderful Collingwood O’Hare – is because of this video above. OOMAN AND MOOF was an original pitch that I’d been working on since about 2010/2011, that finally was picked up by the great Nickelodeon International team back in early 2014.

The short above was animated and produced by Tom Jordan and Jamie Badminton at the wonderful BAFTA-winning Karrot Animation in late 2014/early 2015, with original music composed by Tim Peach of Momo:Tempo.

I hope you enjoy it!


Paul Feig Ghostbusters Tribute

I sometimes feel like the only one looking forward to this film – I mean, what a cast. And I love Paul Feig’s stuff anyway. Regardless, I’m also a fan of the Atlantic cover from the montage in the first film. So I thought, I’d update it. And here’s the same cartoon with the new cast!


For reference, here’s the original. I’m not sure who originally did it – if you know, drop me a mail –


Still alive…


Been doing the odd painting and illustration outside of work – and there’s been a LOT of work since my last post, just over a year ago! It’s been a year of some intense hard work, but all in all I’ve had a wonderful time, met some great people and every client I’ve worked with I feel lucky to done so for. Above is a comic, one of eight, produced for The Phoenix Comic, published late last year and painted by Dominika Tomczyk. Below a painting I put together digitally after watching Poltergeist 2… yes, I know the first is superior, but the second does have some good work.


Outside of these, I’ve worked on a movie, created and directed a pilot with the wonderfully talented people at Karrot Animation , worked with them as a board artist helping to develop Knickerbock Teetertop for Amazon and even had the good fortune to briefly work on their wonderful show, Sarah and Duck. And not just that – there’s still things I can’t talk about that I hope to share in future.

I’ll try to keep this blog a bit more updated from now on, if irregularly. Hopefully I won’t leave it a year this time! Oh yes, and do look out for @meanwhile_a_t on twitter… coming soon.