Hello from India!

If I’ve been quiet for a while it’s because I’ve been really busy. Not a great excuse – as I’ve been meaning to get more personal stuff up on here on a regular basis since I relaunched my website, but naturally as paid work turns up then social media gets put on the backburner! Anyway, I’m currently working in India for a short while, which has been a wonderful opportunity.

Of course I can’t say anything as to why – yet – but I’ve tried to keep a hand in my sketchbook and will try to post a few things while I’m out here.

Anyway, for now, here’s a sketch I’ve been beavering away at in my Moleskine. Sorry it’s a photo and not a scan – hope you like it!

Mad Sketch

Work In Progress

I finished my first ever book layout for a commercial title today. Huzzah! It was a really great experience, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting together some scripts to thumbnail up into a finished selection of eight comics which I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about soon. On the side, I’ve also decided to continue doing work on drawings based on the concept in my previous update. Here’s how they stand now – a sketch, an ink and a work-in-progress paint.

Refreshing old work…

Sometimes you discover something sitting on your hard drive and you just don’t feel you’ve given it a chance to shine. I’d been working on a concept for a series or book for a while, usually in various bits and pieces around my hard drive and various sketchbooks. That was the case here – I’d drawn a character and it needed a home, started a painting depicting a few of the characters together, got busy and left it. Here’s the final piece and a few of the original drawings that went into making it…